A: The User ID will only be obtained after your first test report is generated, so please continue to use the same User ID when using the system later. Your personal User ID is used for inquiring records. For example, if you enter your unique personal User ID before payment, the new test report will be displayed together with the previous records, and a disease progression curve will be generated, allowing you to understand your condition in more detail and depth. So, keep your User ID somewhere safe!

A: If you lose/forget your user number, you can contact our customer service, Email: art-quant@dnatech.com.hk, we can check it according to the personal information you have provided.

A: A negative (only one C line) test result may be due to:
  • You are really negative (not infected with COVID-19)
  • The sensitivity/specificity of the ART test kit is not high enough (your virus levels are so low that ART is undetectable)
  • You have not followed instructions for ART testing corretly (e.g. bad sample collection technique), etc.< /li>
In these cases, we generally recommend:
  • Continue ART testing (either daily or every other day) and try a different brand of ART testing kit (our system recommends Sunlight Jinwofu ART kit and its related information can be found on the "Our Products" page.
  • Continue to perform ART tests (can be done daily or every other day), until the test results are 2 lines (C line and T line, if any), you can start to use the antigen rapid detection and quantification system of ART-Quant. A more detailed guideline can be found on the homepage.

We strongly recommend that even if the ART test shows only 1 C line (or no symptoms), please continue to perform ART test and use the ART-Quant to analyze the results, preferably at the end of the isolation period. ART and nucleic acid tests should be carried out at the same time to confirm that the results were negative. Two consecutive negative ART results are the minimum requirement to end quarantine.

A: We make professional analysis and evaluation based on the photos you provide, and suggest relevant advice. The services provided on this website are not equivalent to a consultation with a professional doctor - we are not doctors! If you feel the need to see a doctor, please do not hesitate!

A: ART (Antigen Rapid Testing) and RAT (Rapid Antigen Testing) are the same, the only difference is that one is called Art🎨, the other is called Rat🐭.

Including: shortness of breath, persistent cough and other breathing problems, some patients even have unusual pain and diarrhea. Muscle or body aches may also occur as well as changes in smell and taste.